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Kichitora of Tokyo - SM Megamall

Monday, December 23, 2013

I really love ramen. I wanna go someday to Japan to taste authentic ramen. = D

Since many ramen restaurants sprouted everywhere, I searched the internet for the most delicious ramens in Metro Manila 

I already tried ramen on Oki Oki, Japanese Tempura Grill (service still sucks!) Rai Rai Ken (Ali Mall) , Taisho Ramen (SM North Edsa) and Wrong Ramen (Burgos Circle, Taguig). Today's ramen post will give you a more detailed review.

from Kichitora's main site

If you are willing to spend from 300-450 pesos for ramen, Wrong ramen is really delicious and I like it. (But it is not an authentic one because of its intentionally wrong way to serve ramen, I will not recommend this to the authentic ramen questors)

I visited Little Tokyo a long time ago but sadly, I didn't have a chance to eat ramen there. T _ T

Since searching authentic ramen in the mall is much easier, I decided with my friend that after watching movie in SM North (SM Free Movie Day), we will go to the depths of MRT just to reach SM Megamall atrium. 

On the second floor, we found this:

SM Megamall is their first international branch

The restaurant's ambiance is dark except the lights (of course) and the tigers wallpaper display.

Kichi  means "fortunate" or "lucky" and Tora  means "tiger". According to this resto, each character represents a symbol for the two families that collaborated to create Kichitora .

Spices were arranged with the set menu.

Here comes the main menu:

I ordered Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se

While waiting for our orders. We will be having a commercial break for Japanese culture enthusiasts. 

Do you know why the word ramen "ラーメン"  is written in katakana instead of hiragana or kanji? 
(katakana = japanese characters used in writing foreign words)

Answer: It's because the japanese noodle soup "ラーメン" was inspired from Chinese noodle soup which tells us that it is a foreign cuisine.

Commercial/trivia ends.

After waiting for about 15 minutes of chatting:

I would like to present these larger photos:

Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se

What I see in their professional photo is what I get. Noodles, seaweeds, chashu(s)/round pork meat, 2 eggs, onion springs,  naruto (spiral condiment), bamboo shoots and I forgot the other type of green vegetable. No false advertising.

Wanting to eat the ramen, we hurriedly wanted to divide this into two bowls so my friend got a small bowl and take some of these. Gladly, the ramen is enough for the two of us.

After my friend took the half part
Upon eating, it's AWE.........................................................................................................
......SOME!!!!! wooh! yey! I didn't use any spices at all. The condiments and the noodles combination is really tasty. Can't compare what it tastes like. It's just really delicious and I cannot forget the taste.

Upon finishing my bowl of ramen:

Slurp!!! I imagine that I am in Japan and slurping is the sign that the noodle soup is delicious
Usually whenever we eat ramen, we just order one and then, we divide this by two but wait............................for this time, it's not enough for both of us, my friend ordered pork chashu with rice while I ordered guess what?

Since I decided to taste a different one, I ordered for:

Chintan/Shio/Shoyu ramen
I already knew that Shoyu means japanese soy sauce and I am expecting a soy sauce-like taste of it but I realized I like the Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se ramen more than this. I managed to finish this one (I have to put spices, though ^^)

I am recommending this ramen to everyone especially to the ones who doesn't want to travel too far from the North to find an authentic ramen. Mall strollers are also welcome. Hoping to try Ramen Santouka soon.

Kichitora of Tokyo
2F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall
2F Glorietta 5

Kichitora's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KichitoraPH